Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My first post...

So this is my very first blog post. Ever. I have seen so many other blogs and I love getting caught up in reading them so I figured I would give it a try. Don't expect perfect grammar and reason to this blog. I am going to blog about everything that I love. I have to start here it goes.

I am going to start my blog off with talking about my family because they are truly the people that make I love every second with them. First off, my husband. Andrew and I have been together about 9 years now. We met in high school and we have stayed together ever since...crazy...I know. We got engaged in Oregon on July 31 and we said "I DO" on June 18th. It has been an incredible journey ever since!

Next, my sister. Emily is honestly my best friend (besides Andrew..of course) and she will always be. We really are the same person sometimes. I love hanging out with her and I am so excited to start helping her plan her wedding (to my soon to be, brother-in-law Nick...who I might add is awesome)! Whenever I need my sister...she is always there  for me and I will always be there for her.

Then my parents. Tim and Darla and Mark and Lisa. These people mean the world to me and I am blessed to have them in my life. I would do anything for them.

Also, my little brother. Noah. He has no idea how much he means to me. Being with him makes me incredibly happy.

I would also like to mention my "new" family. Not really new since I have know them for about 10 years or more. "New" because I just married into Andrew's side of the family and I love them all so very much. Kenny and Lori mean so much to me and I am happy to finally get to call them my parents. And who can forget about my AWESOME sister-in-law, Leslie! She has the most beautiful smile and a great sense of humor to match. She is constantly making me laugh and I love being around her!

Lastly, my friends. I am blessed to have several friends that I love spending time with. However, I have had two best friends throughout my entire life. Alli and Cooper. They have stood by me, cried with me, laughed with me, danced with me, drank with me, and more! They are pretty much amazing.

There are so many more people that are incredibly important to me but if I listed them all this blog would be pages long. I am so blessed and the one person I have to thank for all of this is God. He has given me several Reasons to Smile!