Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday's Letters

I am linking up with Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday's Letters! We finished packing so now I am able to do a blog post today. Yeah!
Dear Wells Fargo Employees- It is so weird not being at work today and knowing that I won't be back ever again. I am going to miss each and ever one of you greatly! LOVE!

Dear Friday- I love you and I am so happy that I am off work today (and for a while) to really relax and enjoy it.

Dear Red Bud House- I cannot wait to move into you TOMORROW! So excited to finally have a place of our own.

Dear Bethenny Ever After- I am going to miss you a ton! Your season finale is probably going to make me cry.

Dear Say Yes to the Dress Bridesmaids- I want to punch half of the bridesmaids on this show. I keep watching you but I get so mad over what some of the bridesmaids say. I would not stand for that!

Dear Coffee- I go to bed excited about drinking you the next morning. Newly obsessed with Gevalia Coffee. SOOOO GOOD!

Dear Pinterest- I could spend hours on you. Here are some of my newest pins:

Haha...this makes me laugh 

crunchy green grapes, dip them in caramels melted with a little cream, then dip them in finely chopped, salted peanuts. So addicting. Like little tiny caramel apples....but better.. 
New Summer Punch - 2 bottles Moscato, 1 pink lemonade concentrate, 3 C of Sprite, Fresh raspberries YES 
I have got to try this sometime soon! 

Dear Newest Purchases- I cannot wait to wear these both!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Thanks for stopping in!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello Again!

Hello Lovely Followers! Just wanting to apologize for being absent from the blogging world lately. Andrew and I have been packing and trying to get everything straightened out before we move on Saturday!! Ahhh!! I cannot believe it is almost here. Crazy.

In about 30 minutes I will be walking out of the doors of Wells Fargo in Springfield, IL for the last time. It is sad because I am leaving some pretty great people but I am also really excited about the next phase of my life. Cannot wait to get home and be around family again. I miss them!

So, I am going to try and blog again here soon but it may not be until later next week. Also, we will officially have no internet starting Monday so I will be back after we get that up and running. Just love moving!! haha!

Hope everyone has an awesome Memorial Day weekend.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Graduation Weekend

My sister graduated this weekend with her Bachelors in Elementary Education! I am so proud of her. Here are some pictures from her Graduation party.

It was so much fun! Great hanging out with family and friends and eating great food!

I forgot to mention....last weekend one of my great friends asked me to be in her wedding and the way she did it was so cute. I thought I would share it with you.
Isn't it just adorable?! I love it and I thought it was a great idea.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Exactly 6 days till we move home!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's Letters....

Linking up with Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds. Love her blog!

Dear God-Thank you for blessing us with this beautiful weather. Cannot wait till I get off work to enjoy it!

Dear Headache- Please go away! I do not have time for you this weekend.

Dear Panda Express- Why are you always so good? Love me some Orange Chicken.

Dear Sister- Cannot wait to celebrate your graduation with you tomorrow. So proud! You are going to make a wonderful teacher.

Dear Husband- I miss you and want you to come home. I hate when you have to go on bridge inspections.

Dear Red Bud- I cannot wait to move home in 8 days!! YEAH!!

Dear Apartment stuff- Please pack yourself because I don't want to.

That is all! Hope everyone is having a great FRIDAY! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Reality TV and other shows

Hey Everyone! I am linking up with living holland to talk about reality shows that I love. Instead, of stating ones that I would like to be on (which is just obvious...I would love to be on all of them) I am listing the shows that I watch and what I enjoy about them

I love reality TV and I get my fair share of it every week! Here is my TV show schedule for the week:

Bethany Ever After: I freaking love Bethany! I enjoy watching her crazy life and I secretly wish I was a part of it. I also think her baby is adorable and her husband Jason is just to cute. Kinda wish I was her bf...haha.

Oh and Nick cracks me up too!
Giuliana and Bill: I want to be this stinking cute. I also want Andrew and I to be their best know...double date and stuff. I just think she is so pretty and Bill is so good to her. Love them!

Real Housewives of Orange County: I have loved this show from the beginning. Haven't stopped watching it since...I can' is literally an addiction. I love me some Housewife drama! My all-time favorite is Gretchen. I just find her to be the most real (if you even can be that on that show). The one I get the most entertainment from is Alexis....can we say nuts?!? She is just something else entirely.
30 Rock: Who doesn't love some Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin? Andrew and I usually watch this together...this is one of my shows that he can stand. I love the entertainment this show brings. :)

The Office: I have also be a lover of this show since the beginning. Sad that Michael is gone now but I still find the show entertaining. Plus I just love me some Jim and Pam! Jim especially.
The Kardashians/Khloe and Lamar: I freaking love the Kardashians. I have watched them for quite sometime as well. I would have to say that Kourtney is my favorite. Adorable! 
I also like to hear what Khloe has to say about everything because I love that she is always to the point and doesn't take no shit! haha! 
This family is ridiculously good looking.

This is my TV show line-up for the week and I enjoy ever moment of it! Now I just have to get the husband to enjoy all my shows too. I highly doubt that. :)

Thanks for stopping in. Hope you are having a great week!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I apologize for being M.I.A on my blog lately. Life is a little hectic right now. We will officially be moving in 16 days! I haven't started packing anything yet, I need to switch over our mail, we still aren't 100% sure on what is going on with our living situation when we move, my sister's graduation party is coming up, and on top of all that I have to start another job soon. Crap-o-la that is a lot for this head to handle right now! Whew!

Ok my pity party is over....just wanted to vent. Thanks! For the past two days we have not had any loans available after 4 and I don't get off till I have nothing to do. I am not complaining though because I am getting some stuff accomplished. Love it! I am even blogging right now while I am at work...tough job...I know.

In other news, I cannot wait to go shopping this weekend. My sister and I are going on Saturday and I haven't been shopping in forever. Hoping we find some good deals. Saturday night we are going to my dad's where I will get to see my adorable little brother...cannot wait for this either.

Then on Sunday is Mother's Day and I cannot wait to celebrate my lovely Mom's! Gunna be a lot of food and family around and I love that. I will tell you all about my weekend in more detail on Monday...hopefully will have some pics to share too!

Have a good weekend all!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Fun!!

Hello All! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend...we sure did. Friday I got to Red Bud around 7:00 and then Andrew and I went and looked at some laminate flooring that his Aunt and Uncle just put in their kitchen. I loved it! We are thinking about putting laminate flooring into our "maybe" home. That is right...we are pretty sure we have the house! I will let you know more on this topic soon.

Saturday, I got up and went to my mom's boot camp. I am so happy I did to because Andrea was there and I got to work out with her. It was great and I am still sore. Then I had to get ready to go out to eat for Emily's 23rd Birthday. We went to The Office and the food was always! Later that evening, Andrew and I went out to eat at Joe Boccardi's with some friends then we hit up the Waterloo cinema and saw "The Avengers." Good movie but I was so tired from my glass of wine at supper that I was starting to get really tired at the end. Kind of pathetic...I know. haha!
Sunday was church and then pretty relaxing. Ate lunch with Andrew's family then headed back to Springfield. I am sooooo ready to be done with that drive. Almost there!!!

That is all for now! Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Confession Friday

I am going to copy Adrien from Getting There and do Confession Friday. So here it goes...

I confess that I am so excited that I only have 15 more days with Wells Fargo then I get to move on to my next job. Whoo hoo!

I confess that I had no idea how long and stressful the "buying a house" process is. Oh my goodness!!

I confess that I am excited for my sister's birthday tomorrow. That is right...her birthday is on Cinco de Mayo. Celebrate!!

I confess that I love the Eve Dallas series (audiobooks). I have been listening to them at work and I cannot get enough of it.

I confess that I am upset with the weather today. I hate having to drive home in the rain. I want the sunny, nice weather back!

I confess that I slacked off and did not work out this morning. I have been getting up and working out for two weeks but it has been rough. It is so hard to make myself get out of bed!! Tomorrow I will have to push it even boot camp with my momma!

I confess that I have been obsessed with looking at other blogs at work. I am just so not productive sometimes. :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our Big News!!!

So....our big news is that we are moving back to Red Bud at the end of May!! We are so very excited!
Right now we are going through the whole loan process to buy a house...not fun at all. More to come...
Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday!