My Lovely List

My List
(things I want to do someday)

1. Run another 1/2 marathon (first one was awesome, now I want to do it again!)
2. Travel to Italy
3. Have a baby
4. Be a matron of honor {September 29, 2012}
5. Become an aunt
6. Go to Germany with my hubs
7. Get a weimaraner
8. Sky dive
9. Be satisfied in my career
10. Buy our first home
11. Buy another boat (that works!)
12. Pay off my student loan{September 15, 2012}
13. See a 49ers San Franciso
14. Ride first class
15. Become fluent in Italian
16. Spend New Year's Eve in Times Square
17. Master my Grandmas' Red Cake (Amazing!)
18. Own a lake house and go there often
19. Go to an Ellen Degenerous Show and Bethany Frankel Show...better yet, meet them
20. Successfully organize my home
21. Get 100 blog followers
22. Shoot a gun {July 2011}
23. Go zip-lining {June 25, 2011: on our honeymoon}
24. Have a garden
25. Learn to drive a stick shift

26. Go parasailing {Cancun, Mexico with Cooper and Alli}
27. Go on a cruise {I have went on them!}

This list will forever be changing but I hope to one day accomplish them all!

Thank you laurenchelcie for the great idea. Love your list!

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