Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pinterest Projects!

So I know many of you enjoy Pinning....well, I am kind of obsessed! I started with Pinterest before many even knew about it and I haven't stopped since. I love that website and I wish I would of thought of it. I thought I would go ahead and tell you about some of MY Pinterest projects.

The first one is my LOVE sign.
The canvas cost about $5 at Hobby Lobbby, the letters were $0.99 each, the two colors of paint cost about $1.00 each. So altogether it cost about $11 to make this (it was actually a little less than that because I had a Hobby Lobby coupon). Ideally, I would have it on a colored wall but since we live in an apartment we can't color the walls.

Next, little project was my "I love you because..." sign.

I bought the frame at Hobby Lobby, I already had the scrapbook paper, and I made the bow from old ribbons I had. I started with printing the "i love you because..." on scrapbook paper then I placed it in the frame. Don't ask me how I made the bow because it turned out pretty bad. Plan on redoing it whenever I get the chance. Then I bought dry-erase markers to leave notes for one another on the frame. I will have to say, at first, Andrew was hesitant but he has written a few things on there and now I do think he likes it. It is something different to spruce up the apartment a bit. Love it!

Another idea I got from Pinterest was to place all of my bracelets around an old hairspray can. It works great! You are supposed to color/paint the can; however, I haven't found the time to do that yet so it works for now. :)
Lastly, another great idea I got from Pinterest was to place all of my make-up brushes in a small container with coffee beans in it. I love, love, love this. Not only is it convenient because all of my brushes are in one spot but they also smell AMAZING. I love the smell of coffee! Easy and efficient project.
 That is all of my projects for now but I am sure there will be more to come. Sorry for the bad pictures...I need to get better at that to. I haven't figured out placement and lighting yet. If you want to see more of my Pinterest interest then follow me on Pinterest, just search Jen Langrehr!

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  1. look at you! i like these. kinda makes me wana go home and be crafty!! lol.