Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Long post!

Hello Everyone! I have been way far behind on posting something on here mainly because I have been super busy and also because I have been lazy. hehe! Anywho, thought I would tell you what I have been up to lately. I recently went to Memphis to surprise one of my bf's for her birthday. It was awesome!! Cooper's birthday was on Thursday so I got to Memphis around 3 and then we all met at a restaurant and surprised her. She had no idea and it was awesome. After we finished eating we went to Beale Street and sang at a karaoke bar there. Loved it. The rest of the evening was so much fun and I was so glad that I got to enjoy it was my besties! Friday we rested up because on Saturday was the big St. Patty's Day Party. We went all out. We made food, put up decorations, and even wore tutus! It was such a good time! Love my friends and cannot wait till I get to see them again!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun St. Patty's day!