Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

Hope everyone had a great Easter! It was so nice being home and around family...I love those moments. Our Easter went great! We started our weekend off with a Good Friday Fish Fry where Andrew's side of the family gets together and we make a whole bunch of fish, food, and drink beer. It was a good time and the weather was excellent. Then on Saturday we had the Hollmann (Step-dad's side) Easter at my parents house. It was so much fun! My mom made some amazing food, then the younger kids had an Easter egg hunt, and my step-dad even included us older kids by having a free throw contest for lottery tickets. Not to brag on myself...umm....but I won! No big deal. 4 lottery tickets people!! Haha! However, I only ended up winning $4. Oh well...it was a fun little thing to do with the older cousins!

 Easter Egg Hunt time!

 The men discussing the free throw contest!

Sunday was a fast paced day but I loved every minute of it because it meant Church and then time with family. Started off Sunday with Sunrise service and then we headed to Andrew's aunt and uncles house for brunch. It was delicious! After brunch, was lunch with my mom's side of the family so off to Steeleville we went. Again we had some great food and every year we do an Cousins and Adults Easter egg hunt. What a blast!! After the intense Easter egg hunt we headed off to my dad's side of the family gathering in Percy. For the third time, tons of food but I am not complaining. We ate again and then had yet another Easter Egg hunt except this time it was only for the kids. Soon after that Andrew and I had to leave for Springfield but it was so great seeing family again. I love the holidays!

 After church!

 The Asbury's (mom's side)

 The Hartman's (dad's side)-Baby Aubrey ready to find some eggs!
 Our little brother Noah and Emily getting ready to go.
 Emily helping Aubrey!

 Noah and Aubrey!

Such a great weekend! Hope you enjoyed your Easter with your families! -Jen

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