Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lazy Saturday...

Today has been a wonderful day. I really haven't done much and it has been so nice. I started my day by cleaning the really needed it. Then I decided to go shopping for groceries/house stuff...but...somehow I ended up at Marshall's. I really don't know how this happens! Also, why is it that when you really aren't looking for anything to buy you always find something; however, when you are looking for seem to never find it or get exactly what you want.

When I stepped into Marshall's I was going to look for stuff for the apartment but I also ended up looking at the shoes and I am so glad I did. I have been looking for some nude pumps that aren't to terribly high and I found them...for $24. Whoo hoo!
They aren't exactly what I wanted but they will do for now. Just glad I finally have some. Then I somehow found myself in the clothes section and found an adorable maxi dress for super cheap. All in all, great shopping day for me.

When I completed all my shopping I came back and worked on bridal shower stuff for my sisters wedding. So excited about this! While I was working on bridal shower stuff I was also on Pinterest; of course, I am addicted to this website. Here are some great things I found on Pinterest today:
Totally love this spoon! I am going to get it for Andrew because he "literally" eats a crap ton of cereal.

This purse is just a dream of mine. I can dream! Love this.

I have made these and they are so good. Has anyone tried some recipes from Pinterest and loved them? If so, what are they?

 Lately, I have been "obsessed" with organizing my home better and I came across this picture on Pinterest so I have decided to make my pantry look like this...eventually. I did some work on the panty today but there is still more to be done. I really want to be more organized in life...I love it. When I get it finished I will post my before and after pictures.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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