Saturday, October 6, 2012

Home Updates

Hello Lovelies! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. It is going to be a pretty relaxing one for us so that makes me happy!

The hubby and I have been working on the house lately and this is what we have done so far:

1.  The spare bedroom-Andrew's Aunt Sharon painted the room (thanks!), Andrew's Uncle Roger put the crown molding up (thanks), and Andrew and his dad put up our new ceiling fans. So, needless to say, we haven't done a lot of it.....actually, correction....I haven't done a lot of it. Andrew has done so much and I am so thankful for him! All I really did was the touch-ups around the trim and what not. :)
view into hallway/dining room
view into the room-ignore the crap in the middle, next step is getting curtains
2. The attic- Last night Andrew tore all the old insulation out of the attic and this morning his dad and grandpa put in the new. I do not have a pic for this because come on.....who really wants to see the insides of an attic. You get the picture.
3. The front of the house and the lawn- A couple of weekends ago, Andrew's family came over and tilled up the yard then planted new grass and let me tell you it looks AWESOME! Not to brag, but we pretty much have the best yard in the neighborhood. No but really, people keep telling us how they love our yard! It is pretty much the bomb. :)

Andrew and I also painted the front of the house and got shutters to match. Next, we plan on getting rid of that rock and some of the bushes...oh and buying a new front door!

working in the attic

We have lots more to do but it is coming along! I will keep you all updated! Thanks for stopping by!




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  1. jen it looks great!! i just love how easily some white trim and paint can change a room.

    i had to LOL at your attic comment. so true.

    and yeah kinda jelly of that yard! love it!

    and yay to more blogging!!