Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Update

Hello Everyone!
Hope everyone had an awesome weekend.
Why are they never long enough?!?
Here is what my weekend consisted of:
 Friday: I studied all day until about 5 and then the hubs and I headed over to my mom's house for supper. It was delicious!! We had Pasta con Broccoli with hot rolls and a salad. YUM-O!!! Emily and Nick came home to, which was great, and Emily had made a pumpkin dessert from the night before which was the BOMB!! The dessert did not disappoint.
 Click on the picture above for the recipe. Soooooooo good!
**Also note that my sis mixed yellow cake mix with pumpkin filing instead of just the devil's food cake but this is the closest recipe that I could find. 

 When we got home from my mom and dad's, Andrew decided to go uptown to my mother's workout place and run on the treadmill while I decided to stay home and watch a movie....this sentence in general just makes me laugh. Yes, I know....pretty pathetic. I totally should have worked out because the movie was HORRIBLE!! I watched "The Cabin in the Woods" and it was awful. Take my word for it and do not rent it!

Saturday: Andrew and I worked on the next room in the house and got everything taped off and torn down so that it would be ready to paint. After we finished with the room, Andrew worked on the attic some more while I studied and then around 3:30 we left for Dane and Haley's wedding at the World Shooting Complex in Sparta, IL.

The wedding was beautiful and they had such wonderful weather for it. It was an outdoor wedding at 4 with the reception immediately following. The decorations were gorgeous and the food was excellent. So much fun!

Sunday: Andrew and I went to early church and then headed to McDonald's for some breakfast. Not our usual first choice for breakfast but we needed some Monopoly pieces!! haha! Andrew is totally addicted to this. Needless to say though, we did not get the ones we needed. We will just have to keep trying. :)

We came home and then got ready to head to Chester for my Grandma's Birthday. It was a lot of fun and it was a perfect day for Chili and Hot Dogs! We returned home to a freshly painted bedroom (courtesy of our fabulous Aunt Sharon...thank you again) but I should have tested the color first because it turned out more blue then I expected. I was wanting more of a lighter, gray shade and I picked a darker, charcoal color. IDIOT! So, I felt horrible but I told Aunt Sharon that we are going to repaint it since it wasn't exactly the color I wanted (i know....i am picky). We are so thankful for your help though, Aunt Sharon!!!

Here are some of the gray's that I like and will try next:
   **granite dust
I am just really nervous about picking out a gray again because I do not want it to look blue or green or whatever....I would like it to look GRAY! :)

That is all.
Talk to you later lovelies!


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