Monday, October 1, 2012


This past weekend was so much fun and I am so incredibly happy for my sister, Emily and her hubby Nick! Everything was perfect and the two looked so happy together!

Here is a little recap of the wedding festivities:

Wednesday: Got to go with Emily to pick up her wedding dress and do some last minute shopping.

Thursday: Decorated the hall and caught up with family and friends.

Friday: Got our nails done at American Nails in Waterloo and enjoyed some Mimosa's. Nice relaxing time with family and friends. Then we headed to Country Kitchen for some lunch.

***Side note: After lunch, I came home and decided to take a nap because I had a slight headache....bad idea. Woke up feeling extremely sick and had the rehearsal dinner in only a few hours. I think I got some kind of bug because I was sick throughout the entire rehearsal dinner and even the next morning. So needless to say, I felt terrible because I had to leave the rehearsal dinner early and I felt like I was taking the attention away from Emily and Nick. I love them so much and would never want to do that! So, the next day my mom called Dr. Birner and got some medicine for me and I felt better in no time. Thank you Dr. Birner!

Saturday: Wedding DAY!!! It was so much fun! We got to the church around 7:30am and immediately started on hair and makeup. We had the ladies from J & L salon in Sparta, IL do our hair and Casey Biancur from Blush Beauty Team did our makeup. It was so nice to spend time with everyone and just relax. Soon it was 11:30 and we had to start getting pictures taken. We got some pics in before the wedding and finished the rest afterwards. Then it was 2pm and time for Emily to walk down the isle. SHE WAS GORGEOUS!!! I mean, of course, I am partial cause she is my sister but DANG!! She looked so pretty!

After the ceremony, we took some more pictures at the church and then headed to the square in Red Bud to take a few pics. We only had time for a few then we headed to the Grohmann land for some "woodsy" pics. I cannot wait to see them all! The photographer was excellent and so incredibly nice!

At 6pm we arrived at the Hecker dome and continued the celebration. I wasn't to nervous about my speech until I started it but it turned out great and I was glad to be done with it. Next, Alex gave his speech and it was HILARIOUS! So good. He had everyone laughing. Then we started in on the meal which, of course, was delicious! Hecker knows how to do it right. The dancing began after that and did not stop till midnight. It was such a beautiful day and so perfect for Emily and Nick! Thank you both so much for letting me be a part of it. I love you both so much!

Sunday: We all got together again at my parents house and watched Emily and Nick open gifts and enjoyed some leftover food. Still delicious the second day!

It was an amazing wedding weekend and I loved every (almost) every second of it (not the sick part). Thanks so much to family and friends for making this day possible. Love you Emily and Nick! Now enjoy your honeymoon!!!

Here are some pics (more will be on facebook soon):

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