Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Day Recap! Long blog post....

Hello All!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving.

WARNING: I am going on a rant. :)

To be honest...every year I hate Thanksgiving to an extent.

This year I realized that I need to get over it....there are worst things in life.

I would always get so worked up over Thanksgiving because I had to go to sooooo many places and there just wasn't enough time in the day. It would literally bother me for like 3-4 days before Thanksgiving even got here because I would be trying to figure out a way to make our families/ourselves happy. Every year I try to find out a way so that we can be with both/all of our families on Thanksgiving because Lord knows we have to cram it all in on one day....I am not at all.

Coming from divorced families makes it hard and then you have to throw in the in-laws. So now it gets tricky. Well....this year we made it work. We spent 2 hours at each family member's house (Mom's side, Dad's side, Step-dad's side, and Andrew's side).

Now don't get me wrong...I love the fact that I get to eat at all of these places but it just stinks because I don't get to spend that much time with each family.

It didn't really hit me until a couple days later that I was being so incredibly selfish about this. All I was worried about was not seeing my family for longer periods of time when there are people out there starving, they have no families, people that can't be with their families, people that are dying, etc. I seriously wanted to punch myself in the face for being so selfish.

I realized that I am so incredibly blessed and lucky to have such a wonderful life and such amazing family and friends. I shouldn't take each day for granted....there are some people out there just fighting for another day. Like...Isaac.

I came across Isaac's story from reading Erin's blog-Living in Yellow
It really made me stop and think how lucky I am. How blessed I am. I am so thankful.

I know I just got really deep but I just wanted to talk/discuss what was on my mind. Isn't that is what a blog is about anyways?!?

On to my weekend/Turkey day:

Thursday/Thanksgiving: See above...haha! No but really....Thanksgiving with my family is amazing and everyone puts out such a great spread so I never go home hungry.

Friday: (DAY) Let me tell you I was so excited for Friday to get here because I got to put up my Christmas tree! This is the first time that I actually got to decorate our tree/house so I couldn't wait. Last year, all we had was a little tree and our tiny apartment. This year was legit! I went crazy. Turned on Christmas music, baked chocolate chip cookies, and put Christmas decor up everywhere!!! It was AWESOME!
(NIGHT) We had (another) Thanksgiving at my Mom's house. So again....I had to eat a ton but it was so good. Especially the chocolate cake my step-dad made. :)

Saturday: Noah's Birthday Party! Em, Nick, Andrew, and I traveled to Percy, IL for little brother's birthday party and it was a blast. Noah told our step-mom that he wanted a Taco Bar party so that is what she did. Best idea ever!! It was delicious.
the boys watching Star Wars
he is so goofy
we love him sooooo much
getting ready to blow out his candles
Sunday: We had Langrehr thanksgiving for lunch. Again....ate to much. I am noticing a trend. The rest of the day, the husband and I pretty much did nothing but watch football and be bums. Just the way I like it.

It was a great Thanksgiving weekend and I am so glad that I got to spend time with everyone.

Now....just have to get through the week.

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