Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Update!

Here is a little of what my weekend consisted of:

Friday: The annual Red Bud lighted parade. I was in the parade for my mom and her business, Design Fitness. We had T-shirts made and everything. However, little did we know how many people to expect. We totally underestimated it and ran out of beads by the time we were half way through. Oh well! It was a great time!
ignore the tub in the background...haha! taken at my mom's house
also, i am horrible at those self-portrait things. i still don't know how people do this. :)

Saturday: Husband and I painted the trim in our master bedroom all day (maybe not all day...but it felt like it). We have two coats done and one more to go. Whew!
Saturday night we went out to eat at Skootr's in Sparta, IL with our friends Ryan and Nicolette. We love hanging out with them and their adorable kid, Kellan! Can't wait for Baby #2 to arrive in two weeks also! We ended the night with some blizzards from DQ.
Oreo of my favs.

 Sunday: Christmas Walk! I love the annual Red Bud Christmas walk; however, there were two things I did not like this year.
1. There were only two food stands this year. Suck.
2. There was only 4 places/houses on the Christmas Walk.

Don't get me wrong...I loved all the houses/places on the walk but I just wish there was more.
Here is what I did enjoy:
1. The tons of Christmas decor! Each house was awesome and totally got me in the Christmas spirit.
2. The Kaskaskia Brewing Company. Loved this quaint place. I got to enjoy some delicious food, rum-filled cupcakes, and beer. Who doesn't love that?!?!
3. The fact that I got to spend the majority of the day with my mom and sister. 
loved this tree

We ended the evening with supper at The Office and like always it was delicious. 
Happy Birthday (again) Momma! Love you!        


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